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Safety is fundamental as there is nothing like flying with peace of mind. This is something we fully understand at RR Acro Wings and it is the reason why Raul Rodriguez has spent several years developing the definitive parachute system, ‘The base System’, to allow pilots to fly and perform acro with maximum security.


If we feel comfortable in the air, we fly better, and there is no doubt that when a pilot is happy with his equipment he will enjoy flying far more. With this in mind our exclusive design features offer maximum comfort in flight for an enhanced flying experience.


Innovation is to venture beyond, to take a different perspective, to extend the boundaries. At RR Acro Wings we believe that it is possible to make things better. A lifetime of experience and travel has given us a unique insight into paragliding.

Be part of the change!


Our gliders come with Acro Grips fitted as standard, giving maximum comfort and control.

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In all of our gliders you will find the original ‘Acro Risers’, neoprene-covered to protect from scratches and friction.

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All of our products have been conceived and designed by the legendary acro pilot, Raul Rodriguez - to help you get the most from your flying.

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Horacio takes a new path

07-12-2013 Hits:489 Noticias (2) rracro

Horacio takes a new path

After 4 great years flying with RR Acro wings, Horacio Llorens has decided to follow his path to Gradient with whome he has been flying XC. He says "For me,...

Horacio winner of the world cup whit AKI…

07-11-2013 Hits:397 Noticias (2) rracro

Horacio winner of the world cup whit AKIRA!

Horacio Llorens, flying his RR AKIRA, was crowned as the winner of the world cup for the fifth time. He said "It's been a difficult season with lots of young...

Raul Rodriguez on festival of Las Candel…

04-02-2013 Hits:801 Noticias (2) rracro

Raul Rodriguez on festival of Las Candelas

 "I came to Las Candelas on Friday at noon, the festival tent was already assembled and the brands were preparing their stands. Outside, the machines were practicing flush, Ramon Morillas,...

RR Acro Wings and AIR g collaborate on s…

04-02-2013 Hits:860 Noticias (2) rracro

RR Acro Wings and AIR g collaborate on some projects

We are proud to announce that from now on AIR'G RR Acro Wings and work together on some projects. Raul Rodriguez and Richard Gallon are currently talking to future collaborations...

Horacio Llorens new record before it rea…

04-02-2013 Hits:779 Noticias (2) rracro

Horacio Llorens new record before it reaches the end of the world

In this picture we see Horace in full infinity tumbling with Water and Fire Volcanos at the background - Guatemala. (Photo by John Stapels) Horacio Llorens gets to beat the Infinity...

Horacio Llorens, world champion Acrobati…

15-05-2012 Hits:624 Noticias (2) rracro

Horacio Llorens, world champion Acrobatics World Cup 2012

I had a long and hard weekend ahead, three days of World-Cup competition in Annecy, France. Horacio has competed in both individual and synchronized style and the results couldn’t have...


RR Acro Wings

At RR Acro Wings we strive to enhance the enjoyment of the pilots who place their trust in us and our products but we never forget what is most important:

  • Safety
  • Comfort 
  • Reliability

 In his workshop in Granada, Raul Rodriguez continues to investigate ways to makefree-flying better.

The evolution of flying continues….Don’t miss it!




Peña Madura 129-4 
Los Verdiales 18008, Granada

Mobile: +34637856877
Phone: +34958487221


We on maps

Charlie Piccolo

The dune is my favorite place to fly. There the wind and the sand are your companions and you can express yourself freely.

Pure freedom of movement!

Horacio LLorens

“Acro is a part of my life, Raul and Felix made me what I am. Flying is more to me than a hobby or a job, it is a necessity.

Raúl Rodríguez

“I like to know that I am in control of my glider but a good parachute system is fundamental to feeling safe in the air”.

Xavier Zabau

Now I have just what I needed to return to competitions, AKIRA is what I was waiting for, Organya is waiting for me. Anyone up for it?

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